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Offshore Fishing Charters

Why Just Right Florida Charters

Lets Start with the Boat

The reason we choose a Sea Vee boat… Well, have you ever heard of the "Cloud-like ride of a classic Cadillac?" The ride of a classic Sea Vee is not too far off. Arguably one of the best riding boats out there! The boat is a center console / open fish. It has an abundance of storage space for all of our safety gear as well as fishing tackle that we may need for our adventures soon to come.


Why an Inboard Motor

The reason we chose an inboard motor for our private fishing charter boat has to do with a few things. One of the main reasons is that they last much longer than outboard engines. Just like cruise ships, the motors are built to last as long as the boat. The reason being to change them, you’d have to cut a large part out of the ship to replace the motor. Also, the Sea Vee boat has a 100-gallon fuel tank, which could take us to Bimini and back because diesel motors are much more efficient then gas engines. The boats top speed is around 35 knots with its turbo diesel Volvo 6V engine.


Live Well & Fish Box

Our Sea Vee has a 30 gallon live well built into the floor as well as a detachable 30 gallon live well that we bring for fishing tournaments. Another reason we love our Sea Vee is that it has a 200-gallon fish box to put all of our catch in. It makes a massive difference having a large fish box to keep a lot of fish or any large fish on ice. Keeping the fish on ice assures a good quilty for when you are ready to eat your delicious meal later on.

Local Knowledge

Our Captain has been living in the Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach, & Deerfield area cruising the inlet/ocean for more than 10 years. So, whether you're looking for an excellent boat cruise/tour, sandbar party, or offshore fishing trip, your Captain will know where to go! If you're looking for a great journey to lay back and relax. Maybe stop at a restaurant or bar to have a few drinks and a bite to eat. Your Captain will make it as easy and laid back as you want. We also have a few bars and sand bars to walk around with many other boaters looking to have a good time. Of course, we can't forget our favorite fishing locations. Our Captain has many fishing spots that he has land markers to remember where they are to find your next fish.

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